Pakistan Railways which has, until very recently, been one of the earning federal units has now gone to rack and ruin. There may be multiple reasons for this disaster, but as the federal minister incharge, Mr Ghulam Ahmed Bilour is the person who must be held responsible for it. He had gone to the extent of suggesting to the federal government that Railways Department should be wound up. This demonstrates either a singularly nonsensicle train of thought or flippancy at a time when it is extremely inappropriate. Due to the non-availability of funds, well over 200 trains are off track and only 55 trains are running, each of these also facing suspension any time. Knowing fully the deplorable state of Railways, President Zardari called its top management for decision-making on five occasions, during the past two months, but did not find time to meet them. It was only last week that he met top management of the unfortunate department. They came back with a promise of receiving funds but with no roadmap as to how to put the trains back on the rails. One hears that the Prime Minister Gilani has also swung into action and is thinking of changing Mr Bilour's portfolio. This will be a wise move on the PM's part, replacing a minister from an ally party before he does unrecoverable damage to railways. Better late, than never. On the other hand, Railway employees have, in all major cities, been seen protesting against the non-payment of their salaries. Similarly, pensioners have been made to wait for days and yet return without any money because the bank would tell them that funds have not been transferred. A pensioner died on Wednesday while standing in a queue waiting for his turn to get paid. It is time to work on a war footing, if Railways is to be saved for future generations, because if government fails, its employees would create an uncontrollable situation. The President and the Prime Minister should give priority to the vital unit that is Railways just like it deserves. It would be better to hand over this department to someone who can act immediately and devote themselves with the commitment required to eliminate corrupt elements who are responsible for this dismal situation. The needed funds must be provided as soon as possible to run the trains on time for Eid and pay salaries to employees and pension to those who have spent their lives serving Railways.