US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said we are aware that some elements in Pakistan are supporting Taliban. In an interview with British news channel, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said we are aware, as we have publicly stated, of some of the activities that some elements in Pakistan are allegedly supporting Taliban. She said it is more difficult to say that the people at the top are fully aware as it is to say that they are both current and retired members of the intelligence service who either have sympathies or view the use of these organizations as a hedging against their own instability or attacks from somewhere else. We have had a series of very frank, comprehensive conversations with the Pakistanis during the recent visit, Clinton said. Discussing the situation about the region, Hillary said that US is well aware of what has been going on, but it also knows that stability and security in Afghanistan requires that the neighbors, including Iran, Pakistan, the Central Asian countries, India, Russia, China, all have to be invested in a stable, secure Afghanistan. The US Secretary of State further said the US hopes that all the countries, including Pakistan, will be willing to affirm their commitment to stability and security inside Afghanistan and come forward with concrete actions in the meeting being held next week in Istanbul to discuss the region. I know theres so much potential in Afghanistan, in Iran, in places around the world that is not being realized, its not only a terrible loss for the individual or the family or the community, its a terrible loss for the world., Clinton said. If Iran does not want to change the potentially dangerous and reckless behavior, as we saw in this recent plot against the Saudi ambassador, sanctions is the tool that we have at our disposal to use as the criminal complaint that was filed in this case carries a lot regarding evidence, she said.