SADIQABAD - In defiance of the rules and regulations, Pakistan Railways Sakkur Divisional Superintendent Altaf has allegedly awarded a parking lot contract to his blue-eyed persons without inviting bids or open auction. Earlier, the former contractor had quitted a contract of a parking lot at the Rahim Yar Khan Railway Station because of remarkable decrease in the passengers and their relatives arrivals and departures as the PR is facing a number of crises. The institution is being hit hard by numerous problems including paucity of fuel and knackered engines etc leading to frequent delays in trains departures and arrivals. Therefore, the contractor decided to submit an application in black and white to quite the contract. However, the DS issued directives to the Rahim Yar Khan Railways Station to award the contract to another person sans following lawful procedure in this regard. In compliance with the directives, Railway Station Master Anwar Khalid awarded the contract to Jafar and Zaheer without security bonds and tenders. The contract was awarded on October 18, 2011 and the contractors were given relaxation in recovery of contract amount. The illegal act revealed that the officials gave undue favour to the new contractors. According to law, the contractor was to be awarded by inviting bids from the registered contractors of the district or through open auction to the eligible person but the PR officials did not follow the law in this respect. When contacted, the station master said that the Sukkur division DS issued him a letter, directing him to award the contract to these persons. I just obeyed the orders, the station master clarified. On the one hand, the Pakistan Railways is facing finance downturn and the rail employees are not being paid for months. On the other hand, the officials are looting the national asset and plundering money by hook or by crook and paying no heed to the workers grievances. Likewise, A report by the Auditor General of Pakistan has revealed misappropriations and embezzlement of over Rs4 billion in one year by the PR management. According to the report presented in the National Assembly, the PR had suffered a loss of more than Rs4.57 billion in violation of rules and regulations, in one year. The report said the PR suffered Rs407.2 million loss due to fraud, corruption, theft and misuse of resources while manipulation in accounting figures dented PR with Rs150 million. The report says bad management, poor internal structure and negligence had cost PR Rs2 billion.