LAHORE - The representatives of the 128 multinational and national vendors and automobile companies, displaying their products in the Pakistan Auto Show, have proposed that the rates of domestic motorcycles and other small and heavy vehicles can be reduced significantly if the government declares a long-term persistent auto policy. They said that local auto industrys growth depended upon consistent policies and if government kept changing its import and export policies every six months, how the industry would grow and how the foreign investor will be attracted. On the concluding day of the three days auto exhibition the PAAPAM organizers demanded of the government to ensure adequate and exclusive support for the promotion of auto engineering sector. They announced that the next exhibition will be held in Karachi. The PAAPAM Chairman Nabeel Hashmi said that local auto industry is constantly investing in the country amid critical economic turmoil in Pakistan while other industries pulled out, Govt should formulate policies that support the industry to create more employment opportunities. He said the PAAPM plans to arrange such mega exhibition on annual bases and the second show will be held in Karachi next year. He said that todays overwhelming response from investors and business leaders convinces us that we are on the right path and Pakistan is a strong contender to win the confidence of companies from around the world. He said that the exhibition was leveraged with different seminars and conferences. The other side events offered valued guests an opportune moment to not only see first hand what Pakistan has to offer but also the learn about our people, customs, arts and crafts that have a history, tradition and richness of heritage. The PAPS 2011 convener Iftikhar Ahmed urged the government to focus on polices which encourage more investments in country and create more jobs for increasing population of Pakistan. He said that providing employment opportunities to the masses should be on top of priorities of the industry and policy makers to ensure equitable growth and social justice. He said that the auto industry is fully documented and pays taxes regularly and doesnt demand anything from the government apart from stable and long term policies to help develop the engineering base in the country for the sake of localization. Chief Executive of Indus Motor Company, Parvez Ghias, while addressing concluding ceremony at Pakistan Auto Parts Show 2011 said that India has progressed from closed economy to a deregulated one and its policies have attracted global players to invest in India if they want access to Indian markets which created job opportunities for millions of people. Moreover, India is protecting its local industry by placing non-tariff barriers on imports. He said that auto industry is a growth driver in several countries like USA, Japan, Korea, Thailand and now India. In Pakistan too, he said, it provides jobs to millions of local youth, contributes 5 percent to the national exchequer (Rs. 98 billion), transfers modern technology; provides means of mobility for goods and people besides enabling other associated industries to run. Addressing a reception at the Pakistan Auto Show LCCI President Irfan Qaiser Sheikh said that local auto industry has exported spare parts of over $80 million, and it can extend this export to $500 million in two years in case the government provides complete support to this sector. He asked the government to adopt a policy, matched with the needs of local industry, and should consider views of stakeholders. LCCI President Irfan Qaiser Sheikh congratulated PAAPAM Chairman Syed Nabeel Hashmi and organisers for holding Pakistan Auto Show and said that he was completely impressed to see significant display of auto products in large scale. Besides improving Pakistans image at international level, he said that this show will definitely boost local auto industry as well.