It would require a lot of dedication, loyalty and faith to blow oneself up. It would be admirable if the purpose were not so evil, blood-thirsty, inhuman to kill unarmed men, women and children and namazis at mosques, shrines, schools and market places. How are they different from the gangsters and gunmen of the drug mafias and criminal gangs of the West? These bombers are young people, often in their teens, who have been deluded and brainwashed to believe that by so committing plain murder they would be achieving Shahadat and would get immediate admission into paradise This is a shortcut to heaven--they would not have to live a lifetime of struggle to conform to Quranic and Islamic principles. How badly have they been misled because nowhere in the Quran is there any sanction to kill anyone -they will surely incur Allahs wrath and punishment. Amin. How can we counter this brainwashing? It can be done by bringing to their knowledge the commandments of Allah on killing. It is obvious that these poor, misguided young people have probably not read the Quran in translation nor understood at all what it says -they take the word of their teacher as ultimate truth and we have to put them on the right track. A RAUF YUSUF, Lahore, October 25.