NAUSHERO FEROZE (Online) The widow of unemployed man, who died in hospital after setting himself alight in a suicide bid outside the Parliament House, gave birth to a baby boy on Wednesday. On Monday, Raja Rind doused himself in fuel and set ablaze outside the Parliament in the federal capital, according to reports. He sustained critical burn injuries and died in hospital after six hours. The reports quoted his relatives as saying that he was frustrated by unemployment and went Islamabad in hunt for a job. According to police, the deceased left a letter, saying that he was exhausted by poverty. Raja was laid to rest at his native village Haji Sain Dad amid shock and grief. However, at the time when he was buried, his wife gave birth to a baby boy. Suicides are not unknown to Pakistan. Suicide is linked to depression or a depressive state of mind. According to human rights activist, women are prone to be being depressive in a society like Pakistan because the law doesnt protect them against maltreatment. But the increasing number of suicides brought on by economic deprivation and poverty.