ERCIS, Turkey (AFP) - Rescuers plucked a 27-year-old woman from the wreckage in eastern Turkey, 66 hours after a devastating earthquake that killed at least 459 people, TV reports said. Gozde Bahar was a teacher in Ercis town in Van province, worst hit by Sundays quake, the reports said. She was our tenant. They pulled her out an hour ago, Akif Goltas, another quake survivor, told AFP, after Nehar was rushed to hospital in Ercis. A major earthquake of 7.2 magnitude hit the eastern province of Van on Sunday, a mainly Kurdish area near the Iranian border. During the relief efforts, seventeen aid trucks belonging to the Turkish Red Crescent were looted in quake-hit eastern Turkey, the organisations head Ahmet Lutfi Aker told AFP on Wednesday. Looters and raiders who appear during every quake incident have been found here too. Our 17 trucks were looted on Tuesday and Monday, in Van city centre and the town of Ercis, Aker said. Local police sources in Van province also said looting incidents had taken place. People in Ercis, which bore the full brunt of the quake, told AFP unidentified individuals had stopped a truck carrying tents.