KARACHI - Sohrab Goth Police have arrested its three constables for killing a citizen over his refusal to pay the forced money to enter the cattle market on Friday.  The policeman who was the prime suspect in the case has yet to be arrested as he managed to escape from the crime scene. As per details, Zaibur Rahman, 32, son of Muhammad Tawan Khan had come to cattle market along with his family. According to witnesses’ accounts, when they reached near the cattle market and tried to enter the market, some four police constables namely Asif, Atta, Sarfaraz and Hungoor Khan intercepted them and pressurised them to give Rs100 as the entry fee. They even threatened them when he refused to pay the forced money and one of them, namely Hungoor Khan opened fire at them. Resultantly Zaib was wounded and died on way to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. Following the incident, the family staged a protest against the killing. Police high-ups also reached the site and registered the murder FIR against these policemen on the family’s complaint. According to police high-ups, they have also arrested three policemen while the raids for the prime suspects were being carried out.