KARACHI – Health experts have advised the citizens to keep away from overeating spicy and fried meat during the holidays of Eidul Azha. They said that overeating of meat can cause indigestion, diarrhea, stomach pain and acidity.    Talking to The Nation on Friday, they said, “Patients, especially suffering from hepatitis, diabetic and health diseases, must take advice from their physicians. Overuse of carbonated drinks by the citizens is another concern for health experts. It is seen in emergencies of various hospitals that various patients came up with the complaints of acidity, indigestion, kidney failure, diabetes and heart problem during and after Eid.” Prof Dr Abid Hussnain, a food scientist of Karachi University, said that citizens adopt some preventive measure against the side-effects of improper use of red meat. He urged the citizens to proper wash the meat before eating. He said that the citizens must avoid cooking meat of sacrificed animal just after slaughtering.  Dr Usman Malik of Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) Karachi said that those people who have ulcer, hypertension and cholesterol problems must avoid eating fried meat as it can cause immense health problems for them. Citizens should not overeat as it could cause food poisoning. Dr Qutbuddin of Dow University of Health Sciences said that recent studies show concern about overeating of red meat, as consumption of meat is connected with various diseases. High blood pressure is one of those ailments that have been blamed upon meat eating by some physicians, he added. National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH) also issued health advices for citizens. According to NFEH, “The citizens must avoid excessive meat and balance diet by using vegetables and fruits. Some parts of meats are rich in cholesterol like brain, Sri Paye and others which should be avoided by those who have higher cholesterol. Excessive use of salt and chilies in meat increases acidity in stomach which is dangerous for those who are already experiencing stomach problems.” The citizens must store raw meat and cooked food separately in freezer and avoid or reduce carbonated drinks during the Eid days, it added.