PESHAWAR - All Pakistan CNG Stations Association Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter has welcomed the Supreme Court decision of slashing CNG prices, and vowed to implement the apex court decision.

“But, we have reservations over the recently cut in CNG prices as notified by Ogra in the wake of a Supreme Court verdict,” APCNGA Chairman Fazal Mukeem said while addressing a news conference here at Peshawar Press Club on Friday.

He warned that if the Ogra does not restore the operational cost by slashing taxes, they would move the apex court after the Eid.

He said that it was tantamount to forcing the CNG sellers out of the business.

He alleged the Ogra had defied the order of the apex court, adding the policy of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources had brought the CNG sector on the verge of collapse.

Mukeem also said that no CNG outlet can survive by bringing down the operational cost at zero.

The Minister of Petroleum and Ogra had always oppressed the CNG sector by using decisions of the court, he lamented. Despite the slashed rates, he said, Orga has cut down operational cost, while the court had directed the CNG companies to bring down the CNG prices, he added.

He said that the industry has welcomed the decision of the apex court, but we had installed a cost effective machinery at CNG stations, whereas a huge amount has also been spent on the maintenance of machinery, so we cannot afford it by decreasing so the operational cost.