We have gotten so used to being singled out for negative news that we do not really expect any good thing to happen to us.

However, the judgment in the Asghar Khan case took us by surprise, to say the least!

We really do not know what to do with so much truth in black and white, despite knowing fully well how it has always been.

We have always known all the secrets and have discussed them threadbare in our drawing rooms, in private and off the record, but never thought we would see this day.

A day when the most powerful of the powerful, from among the military, would be held accountable for their acts of deliberate thwarting of the democratic dispensation, in accompaniment with the civilian Establishment.

These four days of Eid holidays have given everyone a break from the noisy humdrum of politics to be able to absorb and devour, apart from all that meat, the new realities that stare us in the face.

There is the possibility that many of the leading players in the current political setup may end up with eggs on their faces and actually lose some ground in their constituencies because of their alleged role in the past of aiding and abetting the Establishment to achieve desired results.

The good thing about this judgment is that it establishes that the Establishment has played a role and manoeuvred things, ostensibly, to help Pakistan stay the course that it thought was best for it.

In retrospect, we have seen that things have only gone from bad to worse and that if the politicians were prone to corruption, those dreaming as well as practicing their version of the Pakistan dream have also been gravely wrong in their assumptions.

Thus, we can also assume that the same Establishment will very seriously think twice before it ventures into similar strategy in the future.

In the current state of confusion, where we are seeing politicians and the military getting an equal share of black paint coating, it is important to also find a way forward.

In 65 years, we have “been there, done that” with almost the entire bag of tricks. What we have not done is trusting the people’s judgment and choices.

As time for a new general election approaches, I think we should have a general truth and reconciliation effort in which everyone involved promises to start afresh.

There is some good and bad in all the political parties.Let people decide who they want in the seat of power without influencing them.

And as for those who wish to contest elections, let their performances, actions and promises be judged by the electorate.

The Establishment has to learn to lay off - it has to unlearn its role of the over arching husband compelled to think for his wife and children, as though they were imbeciles.

Such a husband is always hated by his family because he does not let them evolve and all of them suffer for his bad decisions, even though they were never consulted or were a part of the decision-making process.

We have to let go of the past and start afresh. Whatever happens, let us be responsible for the consequences collectively.

If we can do that, we may arrive in another 65 years, at quite another destination from where we unfortunately find ourselves today.

Postscript: The Punjab Youth Festival has gone well and energised the young as well as got Pakistan many a place in the Guinness Book of Records - some strange things and some worthy of acclaim.

Topping the list was the singing of the national anthem by the largest crowd ever and the making of a national flag by the largest group of people.

The Punjab Chief Minister, apparently moved by collective singing of the anthem, went on to sing “Akelay na Jaana” for the crowd!

There is always a human side to the strictest of administrators!

The writer is a public relations and event management professional based in Islamabad.

    Email: tallatazim@yahoo.com