KARACHI - On the occasion of Eidul Azha, a large number of animal jewelry stalls have been set up in many parts of the City where people especially the youngsters are seen busy buying the ghanger, bangles and colorful strips for their sacrificial animals.  Now, when Eid is just a day away, those who owns a goat or a cow, have spent more time in decorating their sacrificial animals. People feel great pride and pleasure when their sacrificial animals look standout among others. Everyone seems to be in a race to find colourful and amazing embellishments for their animals. ‘Bakra Eid’ has got its own charm and the City is lighted up during nights. At every nook and corner, there are people taking out their animals for walk and showing others that how nicely they decorate it. From metallic nose rings to beautiful garlands and ringing bells, people will get everything from shops. These shops are crowded with youths especially children of all ages. Sabih, a 9-year-old boy, said, “We have bought two goats, and we are trying harder to make them look best among all, so we are decorating it with bells and other things.”As the sun sets, people get out of their houses and take their animals for walk or sometimes arrange a race between their highly decorated cows and goats. The cherished sounds of the crowd forced the girls and house wives to look out of their galleries, terraces or roofs. A grandmother of a kid said that there shouldn’t be these animals races in which children as well as sacrificial animals can be injured. Although decorating cow and goat is rather a good thing.These decorations of sacrificial animals becomes a tradition and also a sign of pride and honour for the owner while on the other hand, it gives children a great pleasure too. Shopkeepers selling decorative items said that we earn good only in the last two or three days before Eid. Because in last days, people are more inclined towards buying these decorative items for their animals. Usually, children are fond of these bells and rings and they take their fathers and brothers to buy it.