MIRPUR (AJK) - Two European development agencies namely AFD of France and KFW of Germany are providing funds to the Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority for study and construction of four hydropower projects.

These include the 35 megawatt -Harpo, 122 MW-Keyal, 40-MW Basho and 32 MW-Trappi hydropower projects, it was officially declared. A mission of the two development agencies jointly headed by the AFD Country Director Nicolas Fornage and the KFW Division Chief Engineer Patric Mehdi Shirzadi, visited Wapda House to discuss financial, technical and environmental issues relating to the projects, WAPDA sources told media.

The WAPDA team was led by the Chairman Raghib Shah during the meeting. Addressing the delegation, the chairman said that Wapda values the support of international financial institutions and donor agencies particularly the AFD and the KFW for implementation of the projects in two vital sectors of water and power in Pakistan.

Highlighting the significance of the foreign funding, he expressed the hope that the cooperation between the AFD, the KFW and the WAPDA will further strengthen in the future projects as well. The Mission said that their institutions have long standing relationship of mutual cooperation with Wapda, adding that they are considering fast implementation of the projects. In addition to other issues, scope of the four projects and institutional arrangement were also discussed in the meeting. Wapda Member (Power) Muhammad Qasim Khan, Secretary Muhammad Imtiaz Tajwar and general managers concerned also attended the meeting.