KARACHI - The politicians and civil society organisations have demanded the government to establish a separate ministry to deal with the cases of bonded labour as well as all the workers and labourers should be registered with social security and ensured issuance of social security cards.Talking to The Nation, they also demanded that a separate fund should be allocation for the rehabilitation of labourers freed from bondage and brick kiln sector must be considered as formal sector.They also stressed on the government that necessary amendment should be done in BLSAA 1992 law for its implementation, besides the Workers Welfare Fund should be allocated provincial wise, besides District Vigilance Committees should be reactivated throughout country. When contacted, PPP leader Taj Haider said that if we want rule of Law then we will have to eradicate religious extremism. He said that the District Vigilance Committees should be formed to eradicate the forced labour in formal as well as informal especially child labour.He said that teachers do not perform duties in the province, so the children remain out of schools. He proposed the organizations working children’s right should prepare a plan for education for those children who work at sand dunes. Zareena Jilani, Executive Director SPARC, said that government, civil society and NGOs will have to work together to abolish bonded labour system from the country. She expressed pleasure that she has seen such a large number of children at one place to raise voice for their rights and enjoy the event. The children of Tharparkar are more aware than those from Islamabad. I hope that the change will certainly come soon as she sees zeal in the children of Mithi. She further said. Kashif Bajeer, who works for the children’s rights, said that after the adoption of 18th Amendment by the parliament, the situation has deteriorated further because the implementation of labour-related policies is the job of the provinces and the federal government no longer sees itself as responsible for safeguarding the interests of the labourers.Zahid Thebo said that there is no school for the children of brick kiln workers at nearly 200 Kilns at Tando Haider. The children of labourers are work with their parents at the kilns and are being deprived of their basic right to education. Social Security Cards Must Be Provided to Labourer to step forward elimination of Bonded Labour from the country, he demanded. Shafique Kandhro demanded establishment of new ministry for bonded labour and that all kiln workers should be issued social security cards and provinces should ensure implementation of the Bonded Labour Abolition Act 1992 in letter and spirit. He said the district vigilance committees on bonded labour should be reactivated, minimum wages act should be strictly implemented and Legal Aid Service Unit should be reactivated.He said that there are no social welfare schemes and no health and education facilities for the labourers. He further said that 20 years have passed since the passage of bonded labour system abolition act 1992 but the government does not seems to take any serious action for the eradication of this menace. No brick kiln labourer is provided with Social Security Card, their children are deprived of education and health facilities. The entire family of the labourers works at the brick kiln from 14 to 16 hours just for Rs350 per thousand bricks.