PESHAWAR - Due to the relentless taxes of the district government administration and lack of facilities in cattle markets, the traders of sacrificial animals bringing their cattle on main roads for selling have become a major hurdle in the smooth passage of traffic.

In case of cattle supply to other villages by transport, the area police is also heavily charging them with extortion by implicating them in cattle smuggling cases.

On one side the city government taking tax from these traders while on the other hand the traffic police is charging them with heavy fine, forcing the traders to avoid tax and extortion and stay on main roads.

The roadside marketing of these animals some times also causes traffic misshapes and traffic jam besides causing abundant pollution on main roads.

The Regional Transport Authority has completely failed to devise a strategy to cope with this problem as the traffic police are accused of taking heavy bribe from the cattle owners.

The people have complained that a huge amount of tax has forced them to bring their animals to main roads for selling.

Some people have suggested that if the tax charges were lessened and facilities were provided by the city governments in these markets, they would go to the markets instead of walking on main roads.

They said that a kind of fatal diseases has also been noticed in some of their animals, which need vaccination.

The Livestock Department should have arranged these facilities in the cattle markets to save the valuable livestock from these diseases.

Abbas Khan, a resident of Naway Kaly Peshawar, has complained that he has lost his cattle due to a fatal disease known as “Tabaq” in which Sliva get started from the mouth of his animal and later it expired within few hours.

He said that if proper facilities of vaccination are available in these cattle markets, it would not have cost the loss of Rs 75000.

He said that though taxes are being collected from the traders, yet there is no facility of vaccination to avert any possible outbreak of the disease among the animals.

It is worth mentioning here that in the wake of these growing cattle-related problems on the eve of Eid-ul-Azha, it is obligatory upon the government to establish special markets where they should collect low taxes and provide vaccination facility to the suspected animals.