KARACHI  – Jamaat-e-Isalami has demanded recovery and release of all missing persons before Eid. JI ex-MPs in a joint statement here the other day demanded the government to ensure the release of missed JI leaders, Ajmal, Osama Waheed and other people before Eid ul Azha so that they could celebrate Eid among their families.JI leaders Muzaffar Ahmed Hashmi, Laiq khan, Nasrullah Shajee, Hameed ullah advocate and Yunus Barai jointly said that extra judicial abduction and forced missing of peaceful citizens is a condemnable act. Such measure of agencies is illegal, undemocratic and unconstitutional.They said if the government and agencies have any complaint against anyone then there is a legal way to resolve the issue. They were of the view that missing of people in this mysterious way aggravates hatred among citizens against the government and governmental institutions. They repeated their demands to release the missing persons for the Eid. RAINWATER DRAINED OUT: Advisor to Chief Minister for Relief Haleem Adil Sheikh has regretted that citizens and philanthropists have not played their due role in providing relief to flood-hit people, saying that government has served the flood-hit people but citizens have not shown an encouraging response. Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club here the other day, he said that flood caused by recent heavy monsoon rains affected five districts of Sindh; however, now rainwater has been draining out from 70percent area and only 30percent area is still under flood water.He said that agriculture department has been provided Rs300 million specially for draining out the remaining water and for filling the canal breaches in the districts declared calamity -hit. He said that there was a big healthcare issue, as diseases were spreading in the flood-hit areas. He said that Eid Milan gatherings will be organized in the camps of rain-hit people, where representatives of Sindh government including chief minister would visit to celebrate Eid.He said that the political parties who claim themselves pro Sindh and Sindhi people, mainly Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) did not helped the flood survivors for mitigating their woes. He said rather Sindh government provided relief to 2500 flood survivors of Punjab.            He seemed unhappy with the NGOs which according to him waited for governments’ appeal to them instead of launching relief programs on their own. He said that he has appealed the chief minister for declaring two union councils of Dadu districts as calamity hit, where flood water could not have drained out due to various reasons.