The Karachi Development Authority — once a trusted name of city planning of Karachi — had taken not only many unprecedented steps in announcing public friendly schemes but also enjoyed its financial autonomy to deal with its economic issues before its merger in the City District Government Karachi in the wake of  the promulgation of Sindh Local Government Ordinance-2001.

Since its merger, the officers wishing to restore it as an independent and profit making entity lost their influence on the decision making, as officers from many civic agency started meddling, they did not have any experience to do so. In this regard, the KDA has to pay a lot. This has resulted in depriving it of its financial autonomy concerning salaries and pensions to its almost 5,000 employees and around 4,000 pensioners.

Since the KDA merged with other department of many local bodies departments, it has lost its goodwill among citizens of Karachi, as they are rightly presuming that the KDA does not have enough financial resources to manage its internal affairs, let alone financing a public housing scheme. The KDA used to announce many public schemes on their land. It enjoyed a good reputation, even after decades people of Karachi thronged to get a property from KDA.

KDA can still do wonders and revive its lost tradition in the city planning of Karachi and dispel a reputation of being a white elephant. In the first instance, the decision makers having control over it must stop selling land and follow a model of the Defense Housing Scheme that has used its many amenity plot to supplement its income on regular basis. Instead of issuing an NOC to any civic agency of Karachi, it can lease and regularise such undeveloped locality of Karachi where it enjoys land-holdings. There are many undeclared commercial thoroughfares of Karachi which should be commercialized to find a new avenue of income.

With the position in view, I request the decision makers of the metropolis to make KDA an independent entity of Karachi as it has ample experience of running the development activity in right and prolific direction with the help of its qualified and senior officers.


Karachi, October 25.