S M Krishna, who resigned as Indian external affairs minister, today said it was "time up" for him to make way for younger blood and appeared to keep his options open on playing a role in Karnataka politics.

"...the flavour of the season is that youngsters must take over the reins of responsibility and I felt that it was time up for me to make way for younger blood to take over. I am glad that this initiative has been by and large appreciated," he told reporters after meeting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, a day after he quit the government.

Asked whether it was the Prime Minister or he himself who decided to step down as Union minister, Krishna said, "The decision came from within. And my wife had a major role to play in the decision making."

He also said that his decision to make way for younger blood does not denigrate the importance of experience.

"This in no way denigrates the importance of experience. I think experience is an important attribute. And particularly in pursuing the foreign relations with other countries there has to be patience and patience abundantly and also perseverance," he said.

Asked about his statement that his resignation does not denigrate experience and whether he would play a role for the party in Karnataka where assembly elections are due next year, he said, "Well, I said youngsters should lead. And then we are there to support the youngsters in their efforts to forge ahead."

To a suggestion that his stint in the MEA was short, the former Karnataka chief minister said his tenure was for a "respectable" period.