LAHORE - Starting from Bakkar Mandis cleanliness arrangements, Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) is all set to maintain exemplary sanitation in the far and wide of city during all three days of Eid.Some 150 LWMC camps have been established in all union councils of the city on Friday so that residents may know of the arrangements prior. The LWMC operations and communication teams will remain present on these camps on all three days of Eid to provide guidance and assistance to area people. These camps will be providing dedicated waste bags for ofal disposing to the citizens, free of cost. Further 40 additional temporary waste enclosures have been established by the LWMC to transfer waste from streets and areas urgently. LWMC managing director Waseem Ajmal Chaudhry held a press conference to disseminate the Eid operations plan through media. Talking to the media he told that more than 1500 vehicles including LWMC’s contractors ones will be deployed for speedy removal and disposal of waste to keep city clean on Eid. These vehicles will be available on request basis as per received through calls on 1139 and complaints received on camps. Along with 1139, LWMC has dedicated 6 other numbers for registering and addressing the waste related complaints of the citizens during Eid days. Citizens can reach us through these numbers round the clock in order to get their complaints resolved. These numbers are 0315-8666041, 0315-8666042, 0315-8666043, 042-37021140, 042-37021141, 042-37021114. LWMC Control Room is expected to address more than 20,000 complaints on first day of Eid. Four lac bags have been already distributed among people to dispose Eid waste responsibly. LWMC operational staff and officers will remain present in the field supervising the cleanliness arrangements from early morning till late night on all Eid days. MD LWMC, GM Operations, Manager Operations and rest of executive staff will be available in the field for monitoring purposes. LWMC offices will remain open on Eid days to provide maximum assistance and service to the residents. Facilitating its core team and all staff, LWMC and its contractors are providing food on Eid days, uniforms and health safety gadgets to all field staff so that best services can be ensured on Eid.  Eid awareness has already begun in the city with LWMC electronic and print media assistance. Company’s mobilization teams have contacted masses on door to door basis in order to brief the citizens on compliance with arrangements of LWMC and ensuring waste free city on this Eid. Company’s communication staff will remain busy in various camps in guiding people and motivating them to dispose the waste responsibly.