PESHAWAR - Majority of CNG stations charged old prices of CNG in the provincial metropolis on Friday, while just a few stations complied with new prices, following the Supreme Court’s order to reduce the price of CNG.

Besides, it was also witnessed that the stations that did not want to sale CNG with new rates closed down their operations, causing difficulties for the consumers. In addition, it was also observed that some gas stations refused to provide gas to consumers on the pretext of having developed technical faults.

Despite being a public holiday on Friday, the public transport remained thin on roads and people faced hardships while traveling from one place to another.

The drivers while talking to this scribe alleged that the CNG stations have been shut following the reduction in CNG prices on the orders of Supreme Court, while the owners were not yet ready to act accordingly.

Most of the stations on Warsak road, GT Road, Charsadda Road, Ring Road and University road charged old prices, due to which, scuffle between consumers and CNG station staff was also reported at few stations after the latter insisted to pay the old price of CNG.

People alleged that whenever prices are enhanced, the CNG stations never wait for the official order, but they remain reluctant whenever prices are reduced and that is in this case too.

Not only in Peshawar, the same situation was also witnessed in Swat, Mardan, Swabi, Nowshera, Charsadda and southern districts of the province as well.  The locals demanded of the government that action must be taken against those stations that don’t follow order to reduce CNG rates.

Soon after the SC order, the OGRA had ordered a reduction in the price of CNG by Rs 30.90 and issued a notification in this regard.