KARACHI - Just ahead of Eid, it’s not an easy job to hire a butcher for the slaughtering of sacrificial animal because their demands are very high and they charge extraordinary during these days. On the other side people take advance appointment of butchers and they serve on first come first basis.  Following the over booking, the butchers have also increased their charges by almost 100 per cent in comparison with the last year.Mohammad Afaq citizen of Gulistan-i-Johar told TheNation that for the first day of Eid butchers charge for slaughtering around Rs8,000 to Rs 14,000 for each average cow or bull and the charges for goat Rs1,000 to Rs 3,000. The slaughtering charges of special animals depend on its physique.Bakra Eid which pays way for the non-professional butchers to grab the opportunity and earn as much as possible by fleecing those who failed to get a professional butcher on Eid days. These non-professional butchers charge almost 100 percent more than the professional butchers working on routine days. However, people who cannot perform slaughtering by themselves have no other option but to hire these fake butchers.The most intrusting thing which has showing at the occasion of Eid Qurban is that mostly people try to buy a healthy and dashing cow or bull but they can’t easily tackle their sacrificial animals at the time of slaughtering.  A resident of Federal Capital Area Karachi shared his experience and told The Nation, last year he faced so many problems at the time of slaughtering his sacrificial animals.Healthy animal gives really tough time to the butcher and gives so many kicks and jolts not only family members but also to butcher, he added. After a long time his butcher took control on the animal and succeeded in slaughtering the bull. He added that his butcher took too much time to make the proper pieces of meat and this would not be wronged if I say “we got chopped meat” Besides the butchers, all others associated directly or indirectly with the sacrificial animals like veterinary doctors, sellers of knives and choppers, wooden blocks and those who sharpen knives and choppers have also increased their rates. Similarly, in every nook and corner of the Provincial Capital people sharpening knives at their makeshift arrangements and even some professionals also provide the facility of grilled meat.