The recent Punjab Youth Festival has showed us one thing, that whether it be sports, singing, cooking, adventure or even strength (of a moustache), we Pakistanis are an amazing nation. No matter how dire the situation may be, we can set new records for the entire world. The festival has also proved beyond any doubt that our youth if given direction, can utilise their immense potential to create ripples and positive energy for the nation. Will this solve the problems of Pakistan? No! Will this change Pakistan? Yes! It has already created a very positive vibe for a nation ridiculed across the globe for being close minded and disillusioned, led by the corrupt. This was just a youth festival, nothing more and nothing less and for that, it achieved global attention that must be commended whether we support the Punjab Government or not.

Regarding Pakistan and its problems, the solution is quite clear. We need a new leadership, rich with the energy of the youth but directed through the experience of the wise. That day will set new records for Pakistan, when a single phone call from our ‘real’ leader would bring back Aafia Siddiqui and all missing persons, would stop Nato’s killer supply line and close the US bases, not for money, but for the welfare of our citizens, uniting them to set new world records.