LAHORE - The PML-N is not immediately willing to move the court of law for implementation of the Supreme Court decision on Ashgar Khan case although the party has not taken this option off the table so far; however, on an allied matter.Sources in the party say that the leadership is taking the Ashgar Khan decision very serious and is satisfied that the position of the party leaders has been largely clarified by what former Army Chief Aslam Beg said in an interview and the party would now prefer to suo Younus Habib for making such false allegations on the Sharif brothers. As a counterblast the party may also move the court of law again the alleged spending of Rs 500million of IB funds to maneuver termination of the Shahbaz Sharif government in Punjab when it had been overtaken by the Governor rule in 2009, they add. Leader of the party Senator Tariq Azeem while talking to The Nation said the party strictly wanted the decision to be implemented by the Federal Government beginning with denuding the Presidency of the political activity and allowing the President to head either the state or the PPP. Azeem said the party is looking at the government as to how much it respects the decision and acts according to that. The most vivid and pressing parts of the decision, relate to action against the former generals and cleansing the presidency of political activity and make the president absolutely apolitical, neutral and impartial head of the state while relating to probe into doling out money to the politicians are the allegations which have to proved through the investigations unlike the first two which the SC has established, he added.