LAHORE  - Political stability is a pre-requisite for economic growth and development of the country in the prevailing global scenario to offset the hovering threat and future fiscal challenges.This was stated by Vice President SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry and veteran trade leader Iftikhar Ali Malik while chairing a round table conference on " Durable Political Stability Must for Sound Economy" on Friday.He said that the country was passing through a critical phase of its history in the wake of war against terror which,he added, warranted stable democracy and continuous healthy economic growth.He urged the leaders of all the political parties to help strengthen democratic system in the national interest by burying their political differences and said that political stability was a key factor worldwide for economic development and restoring confidence of foreign and local investors. He said that in the international scenario, only such countries would survive in days to come which had a strong economic base.He said political stability was mandatory for sound economy.He said foreign investment from multinational companies and private sectors would only pour in the country if democratic institutions were strengthened and a peaceful atmosphere prevailed.Iftikhar Ali Malik said it was high time that mainstream political parties in the corridor of the power and opposition must demonstrate their responsibility, tolerance and uphold the decent democratic values and norms in their ranks.Former SVP LCCI Kashif Younis Meher, speaking on the occasion, said that if international level disputes could be settled down through negotiations and parleys why not political issues could be solved amicably in Pakistan.He said Pakistan was blessed with plenty of indigenous natural resources and mineral deposits. He said that national economy was now in dire need of full support from stable democratic institutions.Other speakers LCCI executive members Mian Zahid Jawaid, Mian Shakat Ali and Waqar Ahmad Mian strongly urged the all political parties to end their political differences through series of result oriented meaningful negotiations in the larger national interest instead of coming on road and save the country from bankruptcy,political anarchy and economic instability.