ISLAMABAD - President Asif Ali Zardari has asked the nation to work unitedly for the progress and prosperity of the country with adopting the true spirit of sacrifice, brotherhood, religious tolerance and renouncing the hatred and prejudice.

“We should remember on this auspicious occasion of Eidul Azha, the sacrifices of the people rendered in the war against terrorism to defend the country,” said the President in his message on the occasion of Eid ul Azha being celebrated in the country on Saturday. The President said the country today is facing the challenges of terrorism, extremism, sectarianism and target killing and there is a need to inculcate unity, brotherhood, will for sacrifice, religious tolerance, and high qualities to face these challenges.

He said on the blessed occasion of Eid-al-Azha, “I want to congratulate my countrymen, and pray for their security and safety and for their happiness and prosperity.” The President said, “Eid-al-Azha reminds us of the great sacrifice, completely following the orders of Almighty Allah, and unprecedented acceptance of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and Hazrat Ismail (AS) that has established such an everlasting example of submission to the will of God.”

He said Eid ul Azha is being observed to remember the sacrifices of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and Hazrat Ismail (AS), who established a rare example of following the will of God and sacrifice and it has been made compulsory for the Muslims till the Day of judgement.

The President said the sacrifice inculcates spirit of giving everything in the name of Allah to seek His blessing. He said sacrificing animals to follow the Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) is infact a pledge to give any sort of sacrifice and it has become a base to follow the fear of God that is real aim of living.

He said, “On this auspicious day we pledge that we will prefer obeying the commands of God over the dearest and nearest worldly belongings and will not hesitate to render any sacrifice in order to please Him”.

President Zardari further said, “I pray to Almighty Allah that  He protect us and give Pakistan peace, tranquility, progress and prosperity.”       The President said, “We should also remember in our Eid celebration all those brothers and sisters, who are suffering due to natural calamities and living a life without basic needs of life.”  He said, “May Allah give us the strength to include the real spirit of sacrifice in our daily lives.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has urged the nation to take special care of the poor widows and destitute orphans while celebrating Eid-ul-Azha and help them so that they can enjoy Eid.

“We should take special care of the poor widows and destitute orphans, and should generously help all deprived people so that they may also celebrate the Eid and able to thank God for His bounties,” said the Prime Minister in his message on Eid-ul-Azha. He said that on the blessed occasion of Eid-al-Azha, he congratulated his countrymen, expatriate Pakistanis and all the Muslims of the world.

The Prime Minister, who is in Saudi Arabia to perform Haj, said, “I also congratulate those sisters and brothers, who with the blessing of Allah performed Hajj this year.” He said, “Eid-al-Azha reminds us of the great sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) by which he established such an everlasting example of submission to the will of God that the Muslims will be observing it as a sacred Sunnah till the day of judgment.”

The Prime Minister said that Eid-ul-Azha, known as Eid-i-Qurban is the manifestation of submission to the will of God in said, “This great day demands that we adopt sacrifice, benevolence and brotherhood as our national character and help establish such a tolerant and harmonious society where people are able to perform their duties in peace and tranquility.”

He said the best way to combat the challenges by extremism, sectarianism and terrorism is that the nation should make obedience to God and His Messenger as the way of life and should promote the values of compassion; unity and brotherhood among ourselves and dedicate all the energies to the prosperity and well-being of the country.

The Prime Minister said, “This mannerism will not only lead us to success in this world, but will also make us triumphant in the eternal world and it should be the ultimate aim and object of our life.”