K&N spend a large amount of money on advertisement on television and in Daewoo buses. A good company grows with a good reputation, but I personally had two really bad experiences with them making me lose faith in it as a first class company. With regular business to them I was handed two cards, silver and white, but they both became invalid due to their substandard quality, even though I used to keep them carefully in the covers provided by K&N. Their online schemes are also defective.

They have deferential treatment for some customers, which adds up to a breach of rules and ethics in any professional company. I visited the K&Ns outlet in Rawalpindi called the Gulrez Shop where I saw this ‘treatment’, on my written complaint, the K&N administration apologised through a letter dated 07-08-2012, but the employee was not reprimanded or fired for this behavior. He is working there unashamed of his behaviour. I hope that this company can improve its customer service or they will lose customers on a large scale.


Rawalpindi, October 14.