LAHORE - All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajiran has observed that overall, the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Asghar Khan petition will have a positive impact not only on the political culture of Pakistan but also pave way for economic progress.The court verdict against powerful army generals and politicians reflects that the rule of law prevail in the country. It would restore the confidence of foreign investors, convincing them to bring their investment in the country, observed APAT general secretary Naeem Mir.In a statement, he requested the Supreme Court to announce the detailed verdict of Asghar Khan Case so that the real culprits could be dealt with according to the law.APAT general secretary said that corrupt politicians and army generals, who had always played with the passions of masses, have been exposed after Supreme Court’s verdict.“We have to wait and see if the army generals and politicians are punished at the end of the day, as the nation has never witnessed any meaningful accountability during the last 65 years. Even prior to the decision of the Supreme Court, the role of establishment in installing puppet regimes was not a secret.”He said that it was only the democratic process which was derailed in Pakistan due to military’s interference in political matters; the consequences of this kind of maneuvering and rigging have given rise to massive corruption and polarisation in society. He said that the decision of the SC is a good omen for the future of this country and economic growth of Pakistan.