KARACHI  - Three ships arrived at Port Qasim carrying containers on Friday. Berth occupancy was maintained at 50pc on Thursday where a total of seven ships namely M.V Infinity Wisdom, M.V CMA CGM Verdi, M.V Michales-S, M.V APL Atlanta, M.V Lantau Arrow, M.T Genuine Galaxy, M.T Igloo Hav were currently occupying berths to load/offload rice, containers, palm oil, MEG was handled at Port Qasim last 24 hours. Cargo handling operation were carried out smoothly at the Port were a cargo volume 45408 tonnes comprising 17942 tonnes import, 27466 tonnes export, 3421. was handled at the Port Qasim during last hours. M.T Genuine Galaxy, M.T Cape Bank, M.V CMA CGM Verdi, sailed on Tuesday afternoon, M. APL Atlanta, M.V Lantau Arrow, M.T Igloo Hav sailed on Friday morning. M.V MSC Reunion arrived at QICT and M.V Imperal at IOCB on Friday.