Pakistan domestic cricket team Sialkot Stallions failed to qualify for Champions League Twenty20 in South Africa. Sialkot Stallions lost one match and won the other in Champions League qualifiers. But it was sad to see that the most successful team in Pakistani Twenty20 history, having won five consecutive Faysal Bank T20 Cups between 2005/06 and 2009/10, failed to qualify. This period of success included a winning streak of 25 consecutive games, a world record for a top level Twenty20 competition.

Winning and losing is part of any game but the Sialkot Stallion’s record shows that they should have qualified for the Champions League Twenty20 , if our domestic cricket level had been the same as the international level.

I fail to understand why there are no good pitches in Pakistan, which can support bowlers and batsmen? Hundreds of former cricketers have said that the quality of domestic cricket needs improvement as the players are selected from these teams. The PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf, who is trying his level best to bring international cricket to Pakistan should take serious steps to address this issue so that we can see an improvement in the teams.


Karachi, October 14.