By Sahar IQBAL Watto

How happy is the blameless vessels lot.

The world forgetting by the word forgot.

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

Each prayer accepted and each wish resigned

Every year the religious festival of Eid-ul-Azha is celebrated with such vigorous enthusiasm in all over the Muslim word which cannot be portrayed in words. Like elsewhere in the world Pakistani people also celebrate this auspicious occasion with alacrity, zeal and warmth. The spirit of slaughtering goats, sheep and cows is very much there. People still respect their ritual values and they distribute the meat among poor people. This religious act not only creates love, harmony and peace among people but also instigates a sense of equilibrium and balance among different status of societies. Thus it helps to end difference between different sections of society. The spirit for Eid in the country this year is different because of the high prices of edible things along with the prices of goat and other animals. The way government of Pakistan is handling the stuff is alarming and with the rise of prices the general public is disappointed. The higher authorities are taking least interest to provide citizens of Pakistan with an Eid package that they can give them bit relaxation. It is one of those pragmatic approaches in which the value of humanity is degraded and given priority over animals. This practical approach has been seen in those sectors of Pakistan where people are still engulfed in the pessimistic wind and cannot enjoy Eid with these high rates. Even at most of the organizations, the employees are not given salaries on time that has created more difficult for them to celebrate the Eid.

People who are living in these sectors can barely afford the basic needs of life and with the massive amount of raise in the prices, for all they can get is meat from rich people who can bear their expenses. How cruel and ruthless situation is for humanity where one sector can spend lavishly on their luxurious set up and a major part can barely get food to fulfill their hunger instincts. This practice of increasing prices massively is intensifying not only the heat and anger of naïve and innocent people but it is also escalating chaos. There is so much pessimism that many people would prefer to spend the Eid holidays at their home. There is no hope of improvement and the silver lining seems far away. Government isn’t helping in any way and it seems as if mere anarchy has loosened upon poor people’s life and this chaotic situation of barely fulfilling the basic needs of life.

Look at those victims of flood who are still suffering from the side effects and People who are living in these conflict zones still haven’t come out of the trauma of natural disaster and now they are suffering from this massive inflation rate. There is so much pessimism that many people would prefer to spend the Eid holidays at their homes as they cannot afford to go to their relative places.

TheNation has talked to the victims of flood affected areas who cannot even give happiness to their loved one on this auspicious event of Eid. Bashir Ahmed is one of those victims who have lost not only his dear ones in the natural disaster but also buried his own daughter who died in flood. “The words cannot hold upon my grief and anxiety. It seems as if angels have turned their back upon us and the entire world is against us. We are being punished for our mere existence.

“On this event of Eid I remember my child who was innocent and knew nothing about this world. This Eid reminds me of nothing but anger and anxiety as I am still unable to fulfill the basic desires of my family. Isn’t it the tragedy for all of the human kind? It is my appeal to the Government of Pakistan to help us in this hour of calamity,” Ahmed maintained. Eid is the time to remember the hardships of the people of disastrous zone. The government of Pakistan should do something for these poor people in this hour of happiness. The nation must unite at this time and we must help our suffering brothers. It is the spirit of Eid-ul-Azha. We all pray that Allah Almighty may end the chaotic situation in Pakistan.