ISLAMABAD - Nobody can deny the fact that Dr MA Shah has done a wonderful job by bringing international stars to play two Twenty20 exhibition matches in Pakistan against Pakistan All Star XI, but some corners are claiming that was entirely a Dr MA Shah show and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had nothing to do with what is absolutely rubbish and baseless.

The matter of the fact is that Dr Shah couldn't even think about organising such a high profile event without the active role of PCB, as it was the board which provided all the logistic assistance, starting from players, grounds, balls, umpires and above all, the board paid for the floodlights which brightened the whole environment of the night twenty20s.

How could one agree with the claims of Dr Shah or his team's claim that the PCB didn't lend a helping hand to them in organising the international matches, as earlier when Dr Shah had announced hosting International XI matches in Pakistan, without PCB’s support, he had to cancel the proposed matches.

Second thing, which comes in everyone's mind, is although Dr Shah managed to assemble international players to Pakistan, yet all of them had well passed their peaks and had no international future at all and he also utilised this opportunity with both hands by picking local players in international matches, he should have instead played with national players rather.

Instead of taking all the credit, Dr Shah should have thanked PCB first and all the other persons or individuals, who supported him in hosting these matches in a befitting manner rather than stealing the show. Dr Shah is known for doing things for self-praise, just as he did during the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi in 2010, where he snatched the national flag from the pride wrestler’s hands, who was originally supposed to be the flag career, and led the Pakistani contingent himself and got away with that just because of his political connections and a major helping hand from POA President Gen (retd) Arif Hasan otherwise he could have to face the consequences for breaching the code od conduct and defaming country’s name.

Dr Shah's close aides have been trying since long to put forward his name as contender for PCB chairman slot like they did in the past too, and they are busy in making his case strong and Dr Shah himself is still eager to replace Zaka Ashraf for that hot seat.

Dr Shah should first release all the details of sponsorships, TV rights, gate money and the amount he got and spent on the two Twenty20 exhibition matches. How could one believe that Dr Shah claims regarding PCB are true? PCB chief Zaka Ashraf was present at the ground and he rightly gave credit to Dr Shah for hosting international matches in Pakistan, but Dr Shah and his close ones should also show the same spirit and accept the board’s role in organising matches in such a smooth and befitting way.

Another important factor, which everyone must keep in mind, is that the PCB is well short of cash and presenting deficit budgets. If the board had organised these matches, it would have spent on stadiums and development work, but where did Dr Shah spend the money rather he was just at receiving ends.

Had Dr Shah and PCB worked closely, it would have served two purposes to the board. Firstly, they could have revived international cricket in Pakistan and secondly, PCB is in dire needs of improving their revenues, but both the parties have spoiled a very good opportunity and sending a very clear and positive message to the world that Pakistan is completely safe for all kinds of sporting activities.

Self-proclaimed champions must stop negative approach and instead should join forces for a joint cause and that is how and when to revive international cricket in Pakistan. All the negative propaganda and personnel gains should be stopped immediately and the country's interest should be given top priority instead of point scoring or blaming each other.