Karachi’s 18 million people are supplied with water primarily through Gujjo and Hub canals. However, a deficit exists and it is estimated to be about 100 million gallons per day (MGD). According to the KWSB, Karachi’s water supply currently stands at 647 MGD in contrast to a demand of 750 MGD. Now the question is how Karachi is handling this huge deficit. The answer is water tankers. As the government has shown no interest in resolving this long lasting issue, water tankers have become an everyday demand by millions in Karachi

Karachi is a beautiful city that faces problems at every turn, so many kind of different mafias have been born, among them is the Water Tanker mafia. Although KWSB officials claim that only three percent of the city uses tanker service, the reality is different.

What the KWSB needs right now is effective administrative and financial management, an end to political interference into its affairs, tight monetary control, and the elimination of certain highly corrupt elements, until that happens, water will continue to be stolen` before it reaches the pipelines as has been happening for several years now.


Karachi, October 15