A news channel aired a report saying that 25 CNG buses are running and 50 CNG buses are not working in Karachi. The 75 CNG bus project was inaugurated by Syed Mustafa Kamal. What about the buses inaugurated by Naimatullah Khan, including 32 buses of the Sweden Bus Company, 28 buses of the Green Bus Company and others buses which are not running on the road? There was some problem with a bank loan which should have been solved by now.

Karachi is a large city and need an excellent transport system but due to some interference from powerful Transport Mafia most of the busses are rotting on stands. Some responsible authority needs to look into the problem and resolve it as the citizens badly need more transport in Karachi. Though we have not seen much improvement in anything since PML-N took over we the citizens need to keep trying for a better Pakistan.


Karachi, October 24.