The year 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of Pakistan-Korea diplomatic relations. In order to celebrate this anniversary Korean Embassy took an initiative by organising an event “Harmony Road” consists of different cultural and musical performances of both the countries at Pakistan National Council of Art on 1st of November. Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Dr, Song Jong-hwan will also honour the occasion with his participation.

There will be different musical performances on this ceremony. GongMyoung, a performing art group from Korea will also perform. The group, formed in 1997, reinterprets classical Korean music in a modern way and is Korea’s most inspired drumming collective today. Traditional Korean music serves as the backbone to GongMyoun’s sounds while fusing innovative modern sounds in between, thereby creating a fascinating palette of music. This fusion allows GongMyoung to target audience on the home front along with the international stage with their fresh, yet familiar sounds.

Another performance will be of Eun Kyung Min, Who is a member of National Changgeuk Company Korea at National Theatre of Korea. She uses to perform as a prima donna in traditional operas and also communicate with audiences in Korean operas. She actively plays in traditional Korean outdoor performances like musical events and dramas.

Juri Kim, who has won public favour in Korea by presenting deep and prudent music not only through her lyrical, touching and bittersweet Haegeum tunes, will be the other performer who will cast the bewitching effect on the audience with her splendid music. The fourth performer will be Faiz Ali Faiz who belongs to Pakistan and comes from a family of several generations of qawwals. His voice is characterised by its large range and specially a rich tone which reminds us the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

These 30 years of good relationships are now bearing fruits in various fields of life and doth the countries are strengthening their engagement in economic sphere. A large number of Korean companies have become household names for Pakistanis like Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Daewoo etc. Apart from these, Koreans are also assisting Pakistanis in many other fields also Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), Sambo Engineering, Korea Construction Institute of Plant (KCIP) and is also interested to invest in energy sector and science and technology fields. A large number of Pakistani students are also getting education from Korean institutions who can act as a bridge between the two countries.