The decision by Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) not to accept DNA as primary evidence in criminal cases involving rape, defies logic and our belief that science is nothing but uncovering of fundamental riddles of nature and that which already existed, but we were not aware of. DNA is more sophisticated forensic evidence similar to thumb impression, or iris image for identification. The lack of scientific and medical research by individual members sitting in Council of Islamic Ideology should not be allowed to hinder justice to victims of rape.

CII must either consist of specialists in the subject under consideration, or accept established scientific medical research, instead of creating controversies that lead to denial of justice and bring into disrepute Islam. Research into cellular genetics and immune system is beneficial and essential to protect human race from infections of various kinds. Science has only revealed a fraction of what already exists, for we live in an ever expanding universe. Medical science, in spite of thousands of years of research, has still to uncover a lot about the working of the human body, to help fight deceases.

The progress in various sciences is a tribute to capacity of human brain for research and development. Resolving the DNA riddle is a probe by human mind, that there is a specific DNA model which establishes biological genetic makeup of human race, with each individual having a unique pattern that identifies him from others. It is also used to establish biological parenthood.

All that medical science has achieved is reveal this biological cellular genetic make, in which Almighty created each individual human being and reaffirms our faith in our Creator. For the Ulema of CII to reject DNA as an evidence for heinous crime of rape is a negation that Islam is a religion for all times, and a gross injustice to victims. When heinous crime of rape is being committed, all those who are present are accessories to crime and cannot be expected to become witness for their own prosecution. Requirement of three or more witnesses is punishment for immoral consensual sexual act being committed in full public view, where society is delegated power to punish those who spread immorality.


Lahore, October 9.