The pressure of public over govt. is increasing to bring forward the evidence of Indian interference in Pakistan especially in Balochistan. After the earthquake the hurdles created by so-called freedom fighters and nationalists in the relief work, attacks over relief convoys and experts for analyzing the damages resulted due to earthquake have astonished Pakistani nation. What type of nationalists and freedom fighters would want to deprive their Baloch brethren of relief goods and medicine in spite of helping them?

What type of nationalism are these who do not care for humanity nor have any feelings for the suffering of the Baloch people but want to increase their sufferings? Where are those so-called Baloch leaders who staged a drama of protests at London and New York against Pakistan; have they staged any protest to gain the attention of world towards suffering of Baloch people as a result of the earthquake? No one has seen them giving any statement expressing their feelings regarding sufferings of earthquake affected people but they are giving statements expressing threats to those working for the relief and rehabilitation of earthquake hit Baloch public.

Due to these activities of these so-called Baloch nationalists all relief convoys have been forced to move under the security of Pakistan army; these activities have forced public to accept the claims of govt. that India is involved in the terrorism in Pakistan especially Baluchistan and they have started demanding that evidence against India should be brought in front of public. As a reaction to this demand Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary had to say that the evidence regarding Indian involvement in terrorism has been handed over to India and PM has talked to Indian PM in this regard; we have solid evidence against India.

Irony of fate is that Indian traitors have so much control over Pakistani media that after every terrorist attack in India these traitors start blaming Pakistani security agencies; afterwards when a confession from Indian officials comes they keep silent or make excuses.

Increased imports from India will make us slaves and they would control us without fighting any wars. In the past, big powers targeted the weak states to plunder their resources through war; now instead of capturing a state the markets are captured. Today, public is well aware of those leaders who created the Kalabagh Dam disputed to clear the path for India to construct 8 dams over Indus River. Nation also identified those elements that have kept silent over the theft of Pakistani waters by India and are not ready to protest against water wars started by India.

How come we are still in the dark about who our real enemy is? Are we still beating the dead drum of “aman ke asha” or have we straightened our issues with India?


Multan, October 14.