Imran Khan has told the public exactly what he thinks about the economic policies of the Nawaz government and for once, he is not being indignant just for the sake of it. The PTI chief has pointed out the flaws such as a regressive and ultimately redundant GST hike and has also outlined the futility of the reform. The 1% increase does not really help in increasing the states limited revenue, and instead is an added burden on the people. Similarly, the price hike in electricity is only made necessary due to the fact that energy theft is still just as big a problem as it ever was. The fact that the PML-N has been privy to the amount being stolen and has harped on and on about how it is a major obstacle to bring economic stability has not made them try and solve it any faster. The 300 billion disappearing yearly from the books of the power companies still remains elusive.

Calling for the autonomy of the FBR is also a reasonable demand. The fact that over 300,000 people have been identified as tax evaders, most of them from the high income bracket means that these are influential people who have neglected to pay taxes and are probably in a position to manipulate the system. An independent tax collection board would be free from any detrimental influence. Asking for agricultural and property tax to be implemented is also a decent proposal as that is a progressive system with less burden on the poor compared to those who have more wealth. 600 billion is missing from the national kitty due to tax evasions and that money, if injected properly in to the system would go a long way in fixing things.

Khan has also correctly identified the extravagances that our government has indulged itself in since Pakistan’s creation. Massive governmental palaces are a very common thing to come across in all parts of the country. The expenses incurred in just maintaining these huge governmental residences is can be considered frivolous spending that we could never afford, and in the status quo, gives an even bigger blow to the state wallet. The PML-N government has now been in power for six months, and their excuses seem increasingly redundant as time passes. If they are so attuned to the problems of this country as they claimed to be throughout the election campaign, surely it’s high time they deliver on the promises made and attempt to drag the country out of the mess that it currently finds itself in, due to the botched efforts of their predecessors.