Islamabad - Law and order situation and performance of the capital city police can be gauged from the fact that at present at least 7,550 Proclaimed Offenders (POs) and court absconders are still at large.

The eighteen police stations of the federal capital are searching 3,927 POs and 3,623 court absconders. Interestingly, the number of the law breakers increases as we move from the rural area police stations to the main city.

Margalla, Kohsar and Shalimar police stations top the list with having most wanted persons on their lists.

According to a data available with The Nation, Margalla Police Station policing the posh sectors of F-8 and G-9 is after 683 POs as it is also chasing 445 court absconders. Kohsar Police Station has to arrest 582 POs while 538 court absconders are also wanted by this police station. Similarly, 404 POs are wanted by the Shalimar Police Station with having 208 court absconders on its list of wanted persons.

On the other hand, Bani Gala Police Station is at bottom of the list with having 24 POs and 2 court absconders on its list.

Furthermore, Aabpara Police Station is in search of 235 Proclaimed Offenders (POs) while 328 court absconders are also on the police station’s list of wanted persons. Similarly, the Secretariat Police Station is chasing 125 POs and 265 court absconders, Women Police Station 46 POs and 113 court absconders, Tarnol Police Station 187 POs and 274 court absconders, Golra Police Station wants 147 POs and 216 court absconders to be arrested, Ramna Police Station is in search of 177 POs and 147 court absconders, Sabzi Mandi Police Station 228 POs and 233 court absconders, Industrial Area Police Station 261 POs and 205 court absconders, Bharakau Police Station 154 POs and 104 court absconders, Shahzad Town Police Station 246 POs and 218 court absconders, Koral Police Station 165 POs and 123 court absconders, Nilor Police Station 33 POs and 9 court absconders, Sihala Police Station 149 POs and 195 court absconders and Loi Bher Police Station is in search of 81 POs only. These criminals are still roaming free put common citizens at great risk.

A senior police officer of the capital city, who wished not to be named, citing overburdened as the main reason for not failing to arrest the wanted criminals. He expressed his fear that the wanted persons may try to strike again if not arrested soon.

Another perturbing aspect of the situation is that many of the wanted criminals are missing since years. With the passage of time, they undergo facial changes and their old photos can be misleading if made public.

With the number of POs and court absconders running in thousands, the capital police could arrest only 208 POs and 391 court absconders in 2011, 403 POs and 695 court absconders in 2012, 452 POs and 487 court absconders in 2013 and 299 POs and 386 court absconders in 2014.