London: Rosamund Pike has spoken about the urge she had to “bring something positive into the world” when she finished work on the highly-anticipated film Gone Girl.

The English actress, pregnant with her second child, plays Amy Dunne alongside Ben Affleck who stars as her husband, Nick, in the film adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel.

“After filming I just knew I had to go out there and make a human being,” Rosamund, 35, told the Mail on Sunday. She added: “The film was so tough and such a hard experience that the instant I’d finished I thought: ‘I need to bring something positive into the world. Life is good with little people around.’” Rosamund said she is nothing like her character, Amy, telling the newspaper: “Seeing it on screen was hard even for me - and I’d played the role.” And she added: “‘As a pregnant woman I felt so far away from that narcissistic woman.” Rosamund said narcissism is a feature of society today.–BFT

“I think we are living in a narcissism epidemic. We’re encouraged to share our lives in a way that is presented as fun.

“But what it really means is that we end up editing them - we want to make it seem that we are more enviable, and having a better time, and going to more amazing parties than all our friends are,” she said.

Rosamund said if you look at photo albums from parents’ or grandparents’ generations, you will see “an amazing candour in people’s faces you just don’t get these days”.