Instead of seeking to hold hands and fill the spaces between each other’s fingers, men and women in our society seem to be caught up in trying to win the power game. Very few understand that social equilibrium may only be reached when both genders cooperate, coordinate and do their part the best they can. But it seems that this battle in our society has already started, and that too, ironically, alluding to dominance in marriage, an arena where harmony is not only expected but required. The argument of who is more vital, the bottle or the cap, has overtaken us so fully that everyone one talks to today is either a hardcore “feminist” who takes the term to mean female superiority or a religious extremist who is a firm believer in male domination. In this continuous and never-ending tug-of-war, no party appears ready to listen to the other, leading to a conclusion-less struggle. We, as a society, need to realize that this friction will take us nowhere, and the only solution to this is to advocate not only speak and teach women rights, but to equally educate our girls in the religious commandments regarding husband rights.


Karachi, October 18.