ISLAMABAD - Former president Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf and veteran politician Makhdoom Javed Hashmi on Sunday said PTI chief Imran Khan was in habit of taking solo flights, keeping the entire central leadership in the dark.

“I tried my best to remove the shortcomings in the PTI as I could not sit dumb and deaf over the overtures taken by Imran Khan,” the seasoned politician said during a media interview.

Lambasting the PTI chairman for making the entire party leadership hostage over his self-driven wishes and the sit-in fiasco, Hashmi reiterated that Imran had himself divulged information about his meeting with Pakistan Awami Tehreek chief Dr Tahirul Qadri in London.

“When I said if such things happened, the path would be paved for martial law in the country. But, Imran told me that the PML-N government would be packed before their march to Islamabad,” he added.

Hashmi said Imran was confident that if they staged a sit-in, the Chief Justice of Pakistan would initiate suo motu proceedings against the government, pack it and establish a government of technocrats.

He said the main objective behind the sit-in was not to obtain the prime minister’s resignation, but to press forth the demand of setting up an impartial election commission, adding that Imran did not take the party leadership into confidence over such demand.

Imran made the announcement abruptly atop his container, he said and lamented that the objectives of the sit-in were altogether different from what the PTI chairman had made in public.

Similarly, his decision to start civil disobedience was rejected by the party leadership but he made an announcement in this regard, the former PTI leader said.

Other decisions regarding resignations of PTI lawmakers, and march towards the Prime Minister’s House were also met with resistance but Imran did not pay heed to the party leadership, he added.

When he persuaded Imran to desist from taking such extreme decisions against democracy, Constitution and the future of youth, Imran replied that he was a leader capable of taking decisions on his own, Hashmi said.

He maintained that the sit-ins had no future and a number of people joined the PTI on the innuendos of General (r) Pasha.

He also feared that in case martial law was imposed, it would dismember the country.

About his prospects of joining the Pakistam Muslim League-Nawaz, Hashmi said that it would be yet premature to say anything.