ISLAMABAD- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has urged the protesting parties to shun the course of anarchy and practice mature politics to fight the multiple issues faced by the country.

Talking to journalists today after attending the International Investment Conference, he said those trying to impede the process of development should reconsider their modus operandi. It appears as if they have no interest in the prosperity of the country. The game being played by them is highly inappropriate.

Nawaz Sharif condemned the sit-ins politics and said we all need to focus on the issues of people including poverty, unemployment, terrorism and security challenges. He said there are good sentiments about Pakistan both inside and outside the country and those pursuing politics of sit-ins should not try to distort positive image of the country. He said the negative politics have caused severe damages to the country on economic fronts. This sort of politics led to the cancellation of the visit of Chinese president as well as depreciation of our currency.

Earlier addressing the conference prime minister said that there were opportunities for investors in Pakistan and termed the country the place for long-term investments. He said the government has taken several steps to revive the country’s economy. Welcoming the foreign entrepreneurs, the Prime Minister said the conference will apprise the participants of the avenues of investment in Pakistan. He said Pakistan's economy has shown positive progress during the past one year and all economic indicators are quite encouraging. He said fast progressing Pakistani stock market reflects government's vibrant economic policies.

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said as a result of the government measures, Pakistan is now an attractive place for investment. He said Pakistan is facing energy crisis and there has been a wide gap between its demand and supply. A number of energy projects are in progress to overcome this energy crisis. Still there is a room for more investment in this important sector.

"We plan on privatizing the power distribution network which will make investment in the power sector appear very attractive," he said. The premier admitted that Pakistan had been slow in adapting to the fast changing global economic developments and said it was not catching up rapidly. "The government is fully aware of the vertical integration of economies in a globalised world," he said, adding that the country's economic policy was instrumental in throwing open doors laden with vast opportunities for prospective investors to make up for lost time.

Similarly, he said, the government is focusing much attention on privatisation of the state-owned enterprises. Chairman Board of Investment Dr Miftah Ismael in his opening remarks said Pakistan is a lucrative place around the world for investment. He said energy, minerals, and agriculture are the leading investment sectors of Pakistan. Dr Miftah said there is huge space of investment in Pakistan's energy sector. He said 60 percent of Pakistan's population is less than 30 years of age. He said Pakistan is home with to the 5th largest coal resources.