Lahore - The speakers, at a training workshop, stressed the importance of holistic farming practices as opposed to solely concentrating on experimentation of varieties. They called for improving their agricultural practices and to cultivate an environment where knowledge and best practices are shared, in order to increase the sugarcane yields and competitiveness of Pakistani sugarcane sector as a whole. The four-day workshop on “Best Global Agricultural Practices for Sugarcane” was held by Pakistan Sugar Mills Association Punjab in collaboration with Sugarcane Research & Development Board.

The speakers included Nauman Ahmad Khan, Dr. Suman Seeruttun from Mauritius and Dr Muhammad Afzal from the Ayub Agricultural Institute. A large number of sugar mill professionals, mill owners and progressive agriculturists attended the workshop. The overarching aim of the workshop was to disseminate knowledge amongst sugar and sugarcane professionals to enhance productivity and yield of sugarcane with increased recovery of sugar. During the workshop, a number of cutting-edge agricultural practices such as “New Cropping Systems” were introduced to the audience, while the problems and challenges prevalent within the Pakistani sugarcane sector were also discussed in length.