KARACHI - Pakistan Meteorological Department on Sunday warned that a deep depression over the Arabian Sea was expected to turn into the tropical cyclone 'Nilofar' that might bring heavy rains along the coast of the country including Karachi in next few days' time.

Mentioning on Sunday that the weather in the coastal areas may turn hot and humid prior to the storm, an official said the cyclone may not necessarily hit the coasts of Southern Pakistan yet there are all chances of heavy rains and thunderstorms in the coastal areas of Balochistan and some areas of Karachi on coming Thursday. Fishermen and boats-men of the coastal areas have been advised to take precautionary measures and not venture into the deep sea until the storm's landfall was confirmed. It would be appropriate to mention that the name of a new tropical cyclone is determined by sequential cycling through lists of names submitted by countries which are member of five tropical cyclone regional bodies. Cyclone "Nilofar" was named by Pakistan as it was the country's turn in an alphabetical order. Other member countries include Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Sri- Lanka and Thailand.