Lahore- Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) employees went on a strike today, claiming that the airline has failed to fulfill its pledge of a wage increase.

The airline management, however, is blaming Air League of PIA Employees for putting pressure over the issue of transfers of some officials.

Sources mentioned that several booking offices of the national airliner have

been closed as well due to the strike. Air League of PIA Employees stated that that PIA management had promised a wage increase of 15% on Eid-ul-Azha which has not been fulfilled as yet due to which the strike is taking place. On the other hand, PIA management has said that Air League has differences over the transfer of some of the officers of the national airline.

PIA management also claimed that the union is pressurizing the airline for the restoration of the contract of a private hotel which was removed from the PIA panel due to over-billing.