Islamabad - Saraiki community of Islamabad staged protest here in Islamabad on Sunday at the National Press Club against the killing of labourers last Sunday in Hub area of Balochistan. 

They vehemently condemned the killing of poor labourers from southern  Punjab  and  demanded immediate arrest of those who  were  behind that massacres in Balochistan.

They asked the federal, Punjab and Balochistan governments to compensate the victims.

 Addressing the protestors, Abdul Majeed Kanjoo, President Seraiki National Party said the government should formulate judicial commission to probe the incident and federal government should arrange proper security measures for labourers who were working in Balochistan.

To eliminate poverty in southern Punjab, He demanded the government to create separate quota in jobs for the people of this neglected part of the country, allocate share in NFC award and representation in the Council of Common Interests.

He said that people from Saraiki region moved toward other areas for search of work due to abject poverty in the region.

Meanwhile, Seraiki Intellectual Rana Ibrar Khalid lamented that dead bodies of Seraiki  labourers were continuously arriving from Balochistan but the federal government was showing apathy toward that  grave issue and yet to take any notice.

Renown Journalist Safdar Klasra strongly condemned those parties, which grabbed votes from Seraiki region but did not so far utter a single word in the parliament in this connection.

He demanded arrest of culprits and announcement of Rs5 million compensation for each person killed in the incident.

However, a good numbers of students, intellectual and working class from Seraiki community participated in the protest and chanted slogans in favor of Seraiki province and against terrorists and Punjab government alike.