LAHORE- Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran has urged the students to focus on creation of new knowledge for

respectable survival in the world as the Muslims were facing the problems because they had almost no share in creation of new knowledge.

He was addressing the orientation ceremony of newly admitted students of B Com (Hons), MCom (3.5 and 1.5 Years Programme) and MPhil at Hailey College of Commerce here on Monday. Principal HCC Prof Dr Hassan Mobeen Alam, Registrar and former principal HCC Prof Dr Liaqat Ali, faculty members, newly admitted students and their parents were present on the occasion.

Dr Mujahid Kamran said the concentration of wealth was bone of contention in the world and a cabal of banking families had made it possible through introduction of system of usury, which had been prohibited by both Islam and Christianity. He said that these families wanted to establish one world government. He said that these families enforced wars, and gave debts to the both sides.

He said that around 750 verses of Holy Quran, which is 1/8th part of the Holy Book, stressed to focus on resolving the mysteries of the universe and the Muslims were facing problems because of ignoring these instructions of the Holy Quran. He said that the nations who were creating new knowledge were getting reward.

He advised the new generation to ask their elected parliamentarians to allocate at least 4 percent of GDP to education because education would resolve all the problems. He advised the students to master their subjects and enhance reading habits.

Principal HCC Prof Dr Hasan Mobeen Alam said that knowledge was not just learning but to learn how to learn new things. Prof Dr Liaqat Ali threw light on college's prestigious history and said the college had stared PhD program which was a great achievement. He also congratulated newly admitted students.