Some people would say that a 70 day sit-in in Islamabad was a failure as the ‘revolution’ claimed by Tahirul Qadri and his followers never happened. Neither PM could be sent home nor the ‘10 point agenda’ could be fulfilled but beneath the cover of this sit-in many changes did happen. An unbiased eye can observe change in the thought of the people of Pakistan. It has given a new vision to them and for the first time people have started thinking about their rights. Whether it be VIP culture or tax theft, voices are being raised. It has also unveiled nepotism, corruption, money laundering and rigging of unmerited politicians on factual basis. Educating the people about the system of taxation, true democracy and the importance of their vote are also big achievements. Our youth, which were never interested in politics, are now keen to knowing more about local politics. All these things means that the movement certainly played a positive part in waking up the nation. These changes, apparently small, have permanent changed the views of the common man and this fact is what a revolution really is.


Rawalpindi, October 23.