Wah Cantt - No lull is witnessed in miseries of residents and traders living in the garrison city of Wah Cantonment as the police in deep slumber while dacoits and robbers are on rampage in the area. Residents attributed the sorry-state-of-affairs due to prolong and political-based postings in the police department. Virtually, the garrison city comprising two police stations, including city and Saddar, has become a safe haven for gangsters and robbers, who are striking brazenly and with impunity in every nook and corner of the town.  Armed robberies have become order of the day which is evident from the fact that dacoits strike daily in various parts of the city, depriving masses of cash, gold ornaments and other valuables while the police seem in deep slumber.

The Lalarukh, a commercial and domestic area, has become an easy target due to one of the influential cop deployed there as he failed to control robbery and dacoity incidents despite his over two-year deployment at the area.

In Wah Saddr area, robbers launched a looting spree on gun point on a link road by erecting barriers near Dhoke Mochian and looted dozens of people.

In Satellite Town area, in same the police station limits, two men equipped with pistols snatched a motorcycle and fled away successfully.

In Wah Cantt, robbers looted cash and two cell phones from the house of Mohammad Ayub, while cash and other valuables from the house of Mohammad Iqbal. In same area, thieves broke the locks of many shops on Qabristan road area and fled away with cash, cell phones and other valuables due to ineffective patrolling by the police.

In same area, two youth on gun point looted a mobile phone shop in broad daylight and fled away. Police seem clueless about all incidents which creates unrest and fear among the inhabitants of the area.