A:         It’s shameful how we’ve already forgotten what happened in Gaza strip. Such short memories, it’s unbelievable.

S:         You know what’s even more shameful? A bunch of Arab countries unable to handle a lone surrounded Israel.

A:         Are you serious? Or are you deliberately trying to provoke me as always? You can’t possibly be supporting them. That is appalling, even by your standards. Oh and don’t call it “lone” when the West treats it like a spoiled brat.

S:         Perhaps “support” is too strong a word. I just admire any country that manages to hold its own against insurmountable odds.

A:         Bombing a city full of women and children with state of the art weapons, from the safety of a mountain range seems like “insurmountable odds” to you?

S:         No. That’s barbaric, I agree. But let’s look back at history, shall we? Centuries upon centuries of persecution, discriminatory laws, and add Hitler on top of all that. When they finally got a homeland, it was smack in the middle of angry Arabs, who hated to see their land taken from them. On a purely strategic level, I think you’d agree that Israel has managed to do pretty well for itself. I admire them for that, just like I admire Raja Ranjit Singh and King Leonidas.

A:         So what? Just because they were persecuted in the past, they have a licence to commit unspeakable atrocities against anyone in the future? I’m a student of history too, you know. And I can name a dozen people who were killed and maimed; the Albanians, the Rwandans, the Serbs and so on. Do you see them wearing their past like a badge and killing people until they resemble what they sought to escape? Your father is a lawyer. Being a victim doesn’t give you the licence to commit crime, you know that perfectly well.

S:         Of course I know that. I was just..

A:         Stop already! The history of nations may be subjective, but the worth of a human life isn’t. You know, sometimes your apathy actually scares me.

S:         I’m tempted to take that as a compliment.